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Video / CGI

When designing a product, the presentation is as important as the product itself, even more, when that product is in the development phase and we want to promote it in an Event or Fair.

In these cases, having a Video generated from a 3D model is a effective solution. It will allow you to explain, through animations and motion graphics, general concepts such as Modularity or Scalability; or to go into such specific details as the Led technology that uses a molecular reading system.

There are no limits. Only the imagination.


Always, and irremediably, a good design can make the difference in the perception that people have of a Brand or a Product. Care for details, balance, harmony and consistency … everything contributes to reinforce the image we project.

In this world so visual, fleeting and ephemeral that defines the life of objects, it is necessary to look for something beyond the conventional, which helps us to be unique.

The Graphic Design sector is wide and diverse, as well as my experience, covering Illustrations for Facades, GUI (Graphic User Interface), Web Design, Clock Face Design, Photo montages, Motorcycle Decoration, Mountain Bikes Decoration, Sportswear Printing, Motorcycle Tank Protector Design, some Packaging, some Logos, and a long etcetera.


Part of my time is dedicated to Product Photography, focusing on small and medium sized products.

The special care in the illumination, the reflections, by playing with the framing, focus and depth of field, will allow us to present the Product in a merely descriptive way, or emotional and immersive.

Later, the edition and post-production, today adds as much value as the original Raw. Isolating, superimposing, reinforcing the illumination, and a long list of other tools, which convert an initially neutral and correct photo into a special one with an intense message.

About Me

My name is Lucas Geuna Augsburger, and I’m an Industrial Designer graduated in 1996.

I have always been curious and passionate about Design, in all its diversity… and I have participated in every project that has been presented to me.
Throughout my career, I have always paid special attention to the product presentation section, and the contribution that 3D tools could make in this sector. After finishing university, I worked on my first Multimedia 3D project, and then I spent 3 years working on Coach Design.

Since 2004, I focus mainly on the development of Multimedia content in Barcelona, covering projects of Graphic User Interface, Audiovisual, Motion Graphics, and Game Creation… among other areas.

Since 2008, I incorporate photography, first as a hobby, then as a complement to my work, and increasingly, as an activity with its own character in my professional resume.

My clients know me, they know my passion for what I do, they know how I do it, they trust me, and they like my work. I try to maintain the relationship with them, to be interested in how their projects evolve, and to promote all kinds of possible synergies.

I am very responsible in my work, and the 5 years of studying Product Design, have marked me with an analytical and methodical profile when looking for solutions to problems, in any type of Project I face.

I am a lover of sport, and with the same diversity… I have spent 10 years in professional volleyball, a few years in cycling, and for the last 8 years I have been an amateur marathon runner.

Since 2012 I work as a freelance designer creating content for small, medium, and large companies.
As such, I am agile and flexible in projects and changes, but always with a work method and professionalism defined by my years of experience in large design studios.

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